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Snitz Forums 2000  Idioma Visitas
Snitz Forums is a full-featured UBB-style ASP discussion board application. New features in version 3.3: Complete Topic/Post Moderation, Topic Archiving, Subscribe to Board / Category / Forum / Topic, Improved unsubscribe, Short(er) urls, Category and Forum ordering, and Improved Members-page. And like always, upgrading of the database is done for you by the setupscript. 


ASP Cool Message Board  Idioma Visitas
CoolMB is an ASP message board application currently under development, and will be available soon. It features: threads, auto-responders, translation, currency, webmaster tools - metatags and URL submissions, voting polls, moderated guestbook, meta search engine and much more. 


ASP Discussion Forum  Idioma Visitas
This free Forum comes ready to run and is easy to customise with online configuration files that allow you to turn on or off functions and alter the look of the Forum to suite your site. The forum has many advanced functions including: Emoticons Message text formatting Images, hyper-links, and e-mail address can be added to posts, Post preview, Printer friendly version of posts, E-mail notification of posts, E-mail forgotten passwords to users, E-mail a friend, Search facilities, Members list, and Auto Login. 


ASP Forums  Idioma Visitas
ASP Forums software allows you to create fully-threaded discussions. It is almost fully configurable, in that you can easily override any method or functionality with your own. In many ways it is not so much a piece of discussion forum software as a toolkit for creating your own forum, but with default methods already in place to get you up and running. 


2eNetWorX OpenForum  Idioma Visitas
OpenForum is an initial framework for page-level integrated forums. It's not intended to be a fully-featured forum application but rather a simple and efficient forum base. The main functional difference between OpenForum and other classical forums is the integration. You can display the forum in any of your existing asp pages with a single call. OpenForum will preserve the existing querystring of the url if there is any. OpenForum also has different color schemes you can choose from using the Web-Based Administration. If enabled, users can also receive email notifications of new posts. (Compatibile with ASP Mail, JMail, and CDONTS) 


Toast Forums  Idioma Visitas
Toast Forums is an ASP discussion forum software with an unique feature: Skins where a forum user can select from any of the available skins that the administrator has installed. The Toast engine is infinitely customizable for different layouts, different information, different medias (a Flash skin), etc. Also features: Complete web-based Administration functions, Allowed HTML in posts (only tags you specify), Bad word list, Search function, Multiple Forums, Linear based threading, Per Forum security (for both Guests and Registered Members), Members can modify their posted messages, Members can lock their topics, Members can delete their topics and posts, Forgotten Password feature, Email Notification of Reply on a per-post basis, WYSIWYG Preview mode, Message Icons, Remember Login/Password function, Members can change preferences in their Profile section, and much more. 


ASP 101 Forum  Idioma Visitas
This is an easy to customize ASP discussion forum system with a simple interface. It features: Supports multiple boards, Message search function, Cookie-based user entry memory feature, email notification, message archieving feature and more. 


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